travelogue: Toledo

Friday, September 26, 2014

Madrid 79 Madrid 125 Madrid 96 Madrid 104 Madrid 95 Madrid 92 Madrid 94 Madrid 123 Madrid 122 Madrid 109 Madrid 115 Madrid 132 Madrid 135 Madrid 133 Madrid 130 Madrid 58 toledo2 Madrid 78 Madrid 57 Madrid 55 If you are planning a trip to Madrid (you should!) make sure to add an extra day to visit Toledo.

After a short train journey from Spain’s capital you will find yourself submerged in Moorish and Spanish historical culture. The city is absolutely breathtaking.



  1. Wonderful pictures and it seems Toledo is a place to go for a wonderful time! It also reminds me of Elvis Costello's song by the same name.

  2. Toledo is such a beautiful city and you captured it so beautifully. I really need to go to Toledo again soon

  3. Looks beautiful!! Toledo is a lovely place to visit.


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