I see fire

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

fire1tx fire3tx fire2tx fire6tx I See Fire by Ed Sheeran on Grooveshark

Definitely one of my favorite moments from the latest Hobbit movie. 
Such a meaningful and beautiful song. 


That, my friend, was a dragon

Friday, December 13, 2013

chapeau6 chapeau5 chapeaucol chapeau3 chapeau10 chapeau1

Barbour jacket c/o Zalando
skirt – H&M
boots – H&M
scarf – H&M
backpack c/o BAGGU
hat – Stetson

This is it, folks.
‘The Desolation of Smaug’ is out in theaters!

Back in November I was kindly invited by Warner to the Hobbit fan event and attend a screening of the first part of the trilogy to refresh our memories before the next installment.

I’ll try not to give anything away (even if it’s a 76 year old book) but what I can say is that the new characters (and actors) are wonderful. 

I want to be wood elf, Tauriel (played by Evangeline Lilly) when I grow up. She is fierce!

There is also some noticeable character development in this one. Bilbo is not the same hobbit that we once met in his comfortable armchair at Bag End at the beginning of this story. He realises how important the quest is to the other members of the company and he will try everything in his power to get them safely to the Erebor. 

And then they meet Smaug. 

Looking back at the pictures above, I realize that I was wearing the three items that I would bring with me on a long journey. A wool hat, a rainproof jacket and a durable backpack.

The hat would keep the sun out of my eyes, the jacket would keep me dry and the backpack would be filled with trail food and a map. I would not go far without them.

What would you bring on a perilous journey (across Middle-Earth)?
Are you planning to see the movie?

Have a great weekend,

second breakfast

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

pommes6 pommes4 pommes2 pommes3 pommes1 pommes8 pommes7 pommes9

Startled, Pippin asks, "What about second breakfast?" Strider says nothing and walks on. Soon though he tosses an apple from behind a bush, which Merry catches. A second tossed apple smacks Pippin in the forehead.
J.R.R Tolkien (Lord of the Rings – Fellowship of the Ring)

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago when we went apple picking. 
Such a fun family tradition during the autumn months.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and survived Black Friday/ Cyber Monday.
I bought a couple of books (duh) and ordered prints made by the very talented Chris from HandLetteringCo.

Also, only ten (seven if you live in Belgium) more sleeps until ‘The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug’ comes out in theaters. Can’t wait!

Come a little bit closer, hear what I have to say. Just like children sleepin', we could dream this night away.
Harvest moon - Neil Young

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