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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

deeply rooted magazine

Pinterest is proof that women are searching. It could be a workout plan, a perfectly curated wardrobe, or a collection of self-help quotes. If you untangle all the webs, you will find one common denominator and that is the desire to improve self and quality of life.

The internet is a wonderful thing. 

Yes, I do waste my time watching cat videos from time to time but sometimes the internet can bring us closer. I could talk about how Instagram turned from a simple picture-taking app into a real community where friendships are made and people interact with each other from across the world.

That’s pretty much how I discovered amazing talented and creative people over the last two years.

Deeply Rooted Magazine is one of those creative projects I believe in.
The magazine will not only include beautiful photography but also articles, recipes, DIY,… and more.

I have a feeling this could be something great and reach the heart of women.
The lovely ladies from Deeply Rooted Magazine started a campaign to raise funding to print their very first issue this Spring (April). 

So, take a look & spread the word! 


celebrate love

Saturday, February 15, 2014

This valentine’s day, I was a little offended by the fact that I didn’t receive a mouse (or any cat-gift) from my sweet valentine.

I'm kidding of course ;)

What I actually wanted to share with you today was this little written piece by Amber from under the oklahoma sky about life & love.

I could not have said it better myself.

So, whatever you do today, celebrate love.

Come a little bit closer, hear what I have to say. Just like children sleepin', we could dream this night away.
Harvest moon - Neil Young

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