Travelogue: Madrid Part 1

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Last week of summer already. 

As I said in my latest blog post, we must make the most out of the summertime.
Even if it rains for an entire month. (the joy of Belgian summers)

Escaping the rain and wind, I travelled to Madrid with some of my closest friends for a well-deserved vacation.

A few highlights: 

Mercado de San Miguel – food hall with delicious tapas.

Calle Barcelona – and the streets around it are filled with little tapas restaurants.

Museo Nacional del Prado – the most beautiful museum I’ve been to. The museum is free for student so don’t forget to bring your student card with you if you have one! 

Parque del Buen Retiro – a hug park within the city. Not far from the Prado Museum. Don’t forget to bring a picnic.

Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida – this chapel has frescoed ceilings as painted by Goya. Absolutely beautiful. It’s also Goya’s resting place.

Basilica de San Francisco El Grande – My love for church architecture knows no boundaries. This one was definitely on the ‘to visit’ list. Its dome is the largest in Spain and the fourth largest in the world.



Merci beaucoup!

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