Almost cut my hair ...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Only I did it .
After years of long hair (actually it wasn't that long), I was tired of it and decided to cut it shorter (shoulder length).
So, on Saturday I went to the hairdresser with a picture of Freja Beha’s hair and hoped it would turn out right. But I just can’t get used to it.
Maybe it’s a matter of time ..

I'll leave you guys with that song by Crosby, Still, Nash & Young..




  1. Well, getting a shorter hair cur is so liberation, I think! I am sure it looks great you just need to get used to it:) Thank you very much for visiting my blog:)


  2. aww I'm sure that it suits you, I want Freja's haistyle sooo much ... unfortunatelly me hair ale curly so I might look bit weird . :)

  3. Oooh zalig! Ben benieuwd!!! Gelukkig zie ik je zaterdag al.. Ben zeker dat het je super staat.. xx

  4. this song. And I'm sure short hair looks great on you :)

  5. I used to have long long hair down to my waist and after cutting short (around Freja's length too) I will NEVER go back! There's such a sense of freedom that comes with a short little shag...give it a couple days and hopefully you'll grow to LOVE it :D


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  6. love your blog!following you!!
    pls check out mime I'd love your opinion!


  7. hope you'll get used to your hair soon,
    the song is great!
    love ur blog :)

  8. I am sure that your new haircut looks lovely on is just the change that you are having troubles adjusting too! Give it a few more days with different styles. Before long, you will own your new look! :)

  9. Nu ben ik toch eens benieuwd naar die Freja-coupe... :-)

  10. It's always weird to get used to, cutting you hair short. I regularly grow it out and then cut it to my ears. This time I'm determined to grow out quite long, then I'll cut it like Louise Brooks.
    p.s.: I'm sure your hair looks great!
    p.p.s: How do you post the youtube song without the video? I've been trying to figure it out...thanks!

  11. It just takes time but don't worry I am sure you will grow to love it!! I am sure it looks amazing!!


  12. you only live once and hair grows! I bet it looks shiek

  13. It always takes a week or two for the hair to "settle" into a new haircut, by then, you may love it!

  14. i'm sure you wil get used to it, a haircut is always a drastic change! goodluck and i'm sure you look amazing :)

  15. You're very brave! I can't imagine cutting my hair, but Freja's hair is definitely desirable.

  16. I love haircuts, I'm trying to grow my hair, but I'm having to restrain myself from cutting it back to a bob again!
    I'm sure it looks incredible, especially if it looks like Freja's

    Nice blog, check out mine!
    X Zoe X

  17. Freja's hair is so amazing. She reminds me of Alexa Chung.

    Please check out/ follow my blog.


  18. Thanks for all the lovely comments :)

    @Rachel: My youtube account is in French, so I will try to explain the terms as good as I can ..

    When you've choosen the youtube video that you want, you must click on the last tab (before that little flag)so that you'll get HTML code.

    -Then you have to click on something like 'Use old code'

    -Choose your Width

    -Height must be 25 (very important!)

    -Copy that long code into Blogger

    Normally, i would work. If not, you can send me a message and I will try to explain it better..


  19. OMG SO DID I!!!
    I took a picture of Alexa Chung and Freja Beha to the salon, and it turned out great! I really like my hair now, and I have been told that I look better with it than with long hair :)


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