nature's timing

Thursday, July 3, 2014

lilac7 lilac6 lilac10 lilac12 lilac9 The day before I left for Portugal I was feeling a little sad.

The lilacs were starting to bloom and I was going to miss it. Sometimes we let foolish things get hold of our emotions. Thinking back I feel absurd and terribly guilty for the way I felt.
There I was, moping around when in a few hours I would be watching the sun rise across the Atlantic with my dearest mum by my side. These are the moments that count. We often forget.

It has been some time since I sat down and wrote something on here.
Life has been a bit overwhelming these last few months. A needed a breather.

Luckily, the warm summer breeze is slowing down the pace of everyday life and is bringing some exciting things to look forward too.

Also, it turns out I didn’t miss lilac season after all. Nature’s timing is always right.



  1. this was a lovely post

  2. Such beautiful pictures and colors


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