my summer vacation

Friday, August 9, 2013


York Minster
it’s Pimm’s o’ clock somewhere, right?
the North Sea in July

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How can it be August already?
One minute ago I was wishing you all a Happy Canada Day and next thing I know, it’s almost the end of summer. It’s cliché but I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun. 

Does anyone have any exciting end of summer plans? 



  1. you seems to have a great summer vacation

  2. Ahh summer is flying by way to fast! hope you had a lovely weekend

  3. pimms cups are the best! i leave for austin tx in two days and i am definitely hoping to indulge in some pimms while there!

  4. Such a pretty blog! First time stopping by. We were in Belgium last summer and enjoyed it so much. Such a beautiful place to live! Yes, summer is flying by. I read EAT PRAY LOVE a couple years back:) ..perfect summer read:)

  5. oh so gorgeous! i am at a loss for words. your blog is wonderful.


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