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Thursday, December 13, 2012

 painted my nails for the occasion

On Wednesday, I finally saw ‘The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey’ in theater.
Let me tell you, it was everything I had hoped for (and more!).

My biggest concern was the fact that they choose to make a trilogy out of the book. ‘The Hobbit’ is not a very large book but there are a lot of characters. I found that the movie perfectly introduced every single one of them.
Martin Freeman as Bilbo was the absolute star of this movie. His interpretation was spot on. Peter Jackson could not have found a more perfect actor for the role of the home-loving hobbit.
It was also pleasant to see some ‘old friends’ from the Lord of the Rings movies like Elijah Wood as Frodo and of course Ian McKellen as Gandalf the Grey.
Bilbo’s companions, the dwarves, were charming and very funny at times which made this movie very enjoyable.

As a Tolkien fan, I was very happy to see a bit more of the backstories that were told in other Middle Earth books written by Tolkien. 

One of my favorite parts of the movie was the music. Howard Shore has a true gift of beautifully orchestrate a certain mood, feeling or place in a single piece of music. 

The New Zealand’s landscapes were stunning and breathtaking. The scene with the eagles is truly magnificent. 

The special effects were sharp and not overdone.
Sadly, I can’t tell you more about the HFR 48fps 3D because my theater had a technical problem (I’m still mad at you Kinepolis) so I had to see it in regular 3D.
I’m still curious about the high frame rate so I’m already planning a second viewing! 

If you liked the book (and the world of the Lord of the Rings) you will absolutely love ‘The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey’.
It breaks my heart t
hat it will be another year before the next chapter.



  1. it sounds amazing. i might need to get myself to the cinema asap! love your photos. x

  2. I absolutely love how you did your nails for the movie! I'm not a huge Tolkien fan, but I've seen all of Peter Jackson's other movies, so I want to see this one, too :)

  3. I don't particularly like that they are dividing it into 3 different movies, but oh well, I guess! Nonetheless I'm going to see The Hobbit tonight, and I am so excited! <3

    xxoo Elanor

  4. Oh wow your nails are so cute :).

    And I'm very jealous that you've seen it - The Hobbit isn't released here until the 26th of December. I'm counting down the days!

  5. hmm, ik ga hopelijk zaterdag! Ik ben zó benieuwd!

  6. Yay! So excited to see it myself! Glad to hear that it is definitely worth seeing.

  7. Been hearing lots of positive feedback about the movie, will have to check it out! Cool nails :)

  8. Your nails look amazing!

    I can't wait to see The Hobit when it comes out, which won't be until Boxing Day where I live, but I'm sure it will be amazing :D

  9. Ik zag hem ook afgelopen weekend. Erg goed en leuk!! Wel apart dat het drie delen zijn inderdaad, maar kijk al uit naar het tweede deel!

  10. Your nails are so pretty<3

    By the way, love your blog^.^ Following~


  11. oh, your nails are so creative! i love them! i just went and saw the hobbit last weekend and loved it. it was rather long, but still it was a huge must.. i loved the book when i was younger.

    lindsey louise


  12. Oh my! Your nails are possibly the coolest I have ever seen! You should send them in to Hellogiggles.com! They always post nail art...
    I just saw the film on my birthday on Sunday. Really enjoyed it.

  13. I too had to see it in regular 3D but I would have so much rather seen it in 48 fps! I am so curious about how it looks on a big screen. I haven't read the Hobbit, but I thought it was such a great movie! My favorite scene was the one with Bilbo and Gollum in the cave!

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