The Wall

Friday, May 27, 2011

As you know (or maybe not) I love sixties/seventies music.
Do not ask me what the new song from Lady Gaga is because I wouldn’t know…
I’m not an outsider either but the only recent music I listen to are Fleet Foxes, Alela Diane and Bon Iver.

So tonight is THE night. THE concert.

The Wall performed by Roger Waters.

I just can’t wait! I already have my tickets for over a year hehe

Have a beautiful weekend !
Love & peace,


  1. Oooo je gaat daar naartoe vanavond, wist ik totaal niet! Have fun Babe, geniet er ten volste van!! ;) Love xx

  2. Have a great time! I hope you have SO much fun!

    Thank you for all of your sweet blog comments and visits!

    Have a great long weekend!

  3. Geniet ervan en have fun!!!! Je kijkt hier nu al zo lang naaruit!! :)

  4. My Dad is a massive Pink Floyd fan.
    Enjoy the concert.

  5. i love discovering old music from decades past. although i do love Lady Gaga

  6. @lindsay

    It's not that I dislike her (when i'm drunk I'll dance to everything :p) it's just that i'm not following the Billboard that much ...


  7. Super hoop dat je het leuk hebt gehad!

  8. well that just literally ROCKS girl! how awesome for you, i bet it was the best time ever and today you're living off the fumes of it all. happy times! ♥

  9. YES! Pink Floyd is one of my favorites. And The Wall is probably my favorite album because another Brick in the Wall is on it.

  10. nice post :)
    enjoy the concert <3
    nice blog ,
    now i'm your follower :)
    visit mine ? follow back ?
    thank you <3


  11. Oooh, een paar vrienden zijn naar zijn optreden in België gaan kijken ^^ ze zeiden dat het fantastisch was ^^ Ik ben niet zo'n pink floyd fan... eerlijk? ik ken alleen maar The Wall! x

  12. thank you so much for the nice comments! and fuck you, your so lucky! Pink Floyd is by far one of the best bands in the history. Love Waters, but my favourite was of course Syd.. Sad story.

    Hope you had a good time, lucky!

  13. LOVe 60s/70s music as well. But most of all The Beatles.

    oooh and Bon Iver. :)

  14. loving the retro 70's feel.... pink floyd fan myself(i think being British its just built in lol) saw him 2years ago and the concert was huge! Floating pigs, light shows, the works! Hope you enjoyed! nothing quite like floyd!
    new to your blog, but really loving it!


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